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Two 4 Change was founded by myself, Shane Sylvester, and my wife Mandi Biocic after realizing the profound effect a small amount of money and support can have on the lives of vulnerable children and their caretakers.

Our story begins when Mandi volunteered in Tanzania in 2007-08. She spent most of her time volunteering in Tabora Town but also spent time in Dar Es Salaam, Mwanza and Zanzibar. During her time in Tanzania she volunteered at an orphanage and also worked with a program for vulnerable children; teaching everything from Math to English. She also spent time working on income generating activities to help the children and their caregivers.

After each day she walked into the villages with the children, as they went on to their final destinations for the night, wondering HOW COULD WE DO MORE? HOW COULD WE IMPROVE ON THE WORK ALREADY BEING DONE.

When Mandi was able to call home, even though we hadn’t talked in weeks, our conversations were saturated with future plans and ideas. We knew that Tanzania would now forever be a part of our lives and future.

We have now committed to moving to Tanzania and starting Two 4 Change in order to be completely hands on. This will ensure that our Western sponsors, volunteers, friends and family will have the most accurate and up to date information on the progress of each project from start to finish. Two4Change’s ability to make a difference will rely heavily on our reputation with all of you. We are as committed to our supporters as we are to Tanzania and cannot wait to share this new adventure with all of you.