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With ever changing world dynamics, people are becoming more and more occupied with their busy lives trying to make a living. Tanzania like many other countries has its own economic challenges. Finding time to volunteer for any activity in such a time is increasingly becoming difficult. Despite these challenges of time and money one should always try and create time to volunteer. There are numerous advantages to volunteering, and one should consider doing so as often as they can.
Through volunteering one can advance their careers by gaining the needed experience in a given field. Training can be very costly and the chance to get experience in a specific field can be very challenging. Through volunteering for various organizations one can sometimes find placement in that organization. This obviously helps them gain the needed experience and thus help advance their career. The volunteer work also exposes one to different challenges that might not be gained through other means.
The skills learned are practical and applicable making the learning experience great. Job skills in other sectors like management can also be learned in volunteering. These jobs skills are learned during the actual work, making it very viable for later career development.
Social and personal relationships are also built and strengthened through volunteering. This comes from meeting new people who all come from different walks of life and cultures. In working with other volunteers and locals you build strong, new and lasting social networks and relationships.
Volunteering has spiritual, mental and physical health benefits to it too. Helping other though tough situations one is able to find spiritual fulfillment and at the same time mental challenges that help develop the mind. The involvement in physical work helps build the physical body and hence the health.

In Tanzania there are volunteer organizations and the non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that take in volunteers. The role of such organizations in the health and education sector cannot be taken for granted. It is through these efforts of volunteering that organizations are able to get established and offer the much needed services they offer to the communities in Tanzania.

Our goal is to operate volunteer programs around the world, starting in Tanzania, in conjunction with sustainable community initiatives, working side-by-side while sharing viewpoints and cultivating cultural understanding. We are an international nonprofit organization with no political or religious affiliations.

Join the adventure of a lifetime for a chance to have real social change and expand your perspective on life and people, in ways you never dreamed possible. Build your confidence. Find adventure. Develop leadership skills.

If you want to volunteer abroad and you are looking for a life-changing experience, which will benefit other people, then volunteering could be for you! You will be touched forever by the warm, friendly people of Tanzania. Life here is simple, yet wonderfully rewarding.