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Another successful trip to Korogwe.THANK YOU to all that donated♥
On this trip Korogwe Orphanage Center received tons of fun supplies for their class room along with non-perishable food that will feed the 70 + children for over a month!!!
What a huge success!!
When the children first received the school supplies, they had no idea what to do with themselves. It was so cute watching them but at the same time a little sad. Many of the children were scared to use the supplies because they didn’t want them to be used up. However, after a little artistic push from Shane, many of them started to draw and then took turns giggling at each others master pieces. There was also a couple of kiddos that fell in love with just sharpening their pencils….over and over. Neither the teachers or children had ever seen construction paper, so we gave a couple of ideas and examples to help them get started. The most popular idea was the paper chain so they could decorate their class :o ) I see colorful days in their future !!

Later in the day we gave the food supplies. The two teachers (that only get paid when money is available) also cook the children’s lunch, which in most cases is the only meal of the day for them. They cook a sweet porridge with rice for over 70 children using 1 medium pot, 1 spoon and 3 bricks with coal in the center as the oven. We went out and purchased a large pan, 2 large spoons and all of the ingredients needed to make sure the children have at least 1 meal every day for a min of 30 days.
At the end of the day everyone was happy and Shane, Musa and I had to catch a bus back home to Dar. As happy as I was with what we had accomplished that day, I still felt a bit sad that we couldn’t do more this trip to help the teachers with their work load.
On my last bujaj ride across town, one of the teachers rode with me. Most of the trip I was quiet thinking of what more I could have done, when out of nowhere the teacher leaned over and said “I love you so much.”
Often when we receive donations, many of you leave messages along with your donation saying “I know its not much”.
Please take this as your confirmation that as little as it my seem to you or I…… It is so much more than any of these children/ teachers would have without our help :o )
Thank you again ♥

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