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“Some 46 million African children — nearly half the school-age population — have never set foot in a classroom, according to the United Nations. There are signs of hope as more African countries eliminate public school tuition fees, but burdens ranging from extreme poverty to the cost of uniforms are keeping children out of class.” (USA TODAY)


We all know that education is one of the most important tools for any child’s future.  Education is an instrument for reducing poverty and inequality. Here in Africa, there are many reasons a child may not attend school, from poverty and malnutrition to school related fees and domestic chores at home.

Even though Tanzania in the last couple of years has done away with fees to attend school, children are still required to purchase uniforms, shoes, school books and responsible for all fees associated with student testing.  With an average household income amongst the poor being less than $200 USD a month it is easy to see how these fees could become a burden.  Two 4 Change with your help can make this next school year possible for some very special and well deserving children!

All donations received will go towards purchasing uniforms, shoes and school books.

Remember all donations are tax deductible and every dollar makes a difference.

Donors will receive a ‘”Thank you!” message on Facebook and a personalized, “Thank you,” photo from one of the children.  Any donation of $75 or more will get your name transcribed on to desks that we will be building this Fall.

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